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Trends in Visual Merchandising 2012

Barthelmess presents its new trendbook for the summer of 2012 to the retail market

Fürth, Germany, 5 August 2011: The Barthelmess creative team has released its new trend book for spring and summer of 2012, featuring three key design trends for Visual Merchandising in the near future.
The trends that are presented in detail in the new Barthelmess trend book are called "Splash", "Heaven on Earth", and "Urban Affair". All three trends convey a noticeably cheerful, open-minded optimism and a positive attitude to life throughout.


The "Splash" trend feels like an immersion in cool water – bubbly and exciting. Objects have a refreshing effect on the viewer. Plants are involved, but in unusual, surprising ways: hanging and natural, like they were only just pulled from the ground, but also in combination with clear geometrical shapes. Circles, squiggles, and rectangles are arranged in natural surroundings like they belong there. With this theme, it is important to take everything with a grain of salt. When it comes to colours, "Splash" goes for a fresh image as well: Crisp greens, aqua, and intense turquoise dominate the range of hues. Light gold tones provide glamorous accents and give objects a certain radiance.


"Urban Affair" reflects the joys of urban living. Things are happening in the street, everywhere is home and you are constantly on the move. "Urban Affair" is cosmopolitan, thrilling, and full of variety. The random play of summer shadows in the street is translated into decorative objects. Illusion remains a central theme. Urban elements such as pedestrian crossings or bus stops are transformed into highlights, carrying that distinctive "street" feeling right into shop windows. Shapes and lines are cool and casual, matched by corresponding colours: The goal is to stand out and attract attention. This works especially well with deep red hues, raspberry pink, and vibrant orange, often arranged against a background of contrasting black and white.


Since 2009, Barthelmess has been releasing this exclusive trend preview twice a year. First there were trend folders, then trend boxes, and for the last two years, the Visual Merchandising specialist from Fürth has been publishing these previews in entire books exclusively for its customers.

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